Frank Steijns violin and bells (page 7).
October 1st 2019: Frank on Facebook: Celebrating my 25-years Silver Jubilee as city-carillonneur of Weert today.
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July 2019: Today 25 years ago I started the best 'job' in the world: playing with the Johann Strauss Orchestra of André Rieu. We've been touring together all over the world, living numerous adventures, composing together, playing over 2500 concerts, seeing millions of people smile, cheer, dance... I hope we can continue making music for the rest of our lives!!
November 4, 2019: Mozart wrote a little part for bells in his opera The Magic Flute. Michael Wilmering, lead singer of Opera Zuid, visited the bell tower and sang his aria along with the bells.
November 9, 2019. From the mid-Limburg paper: WEERT. Photos: Rob Timmermans. During the annual meeting of "Friends of the Carillon" Frank Steijns received the Van Horne medal from deputy mayor Paul Sterk. It is a token of appreciation and gratitude to those who, in social, cultural or otherwise, have made themselves worthy for the municipality of Weert or its inhabitants. Frank Steijns has been carillonneur of the municipality of Weert since 1995. He is regarded by his colleagues worldwide as an exceptionally good carillonneur. He has been organizing an international carillon festival in Weert for 15 years, with carillonneurs from all over the world coming to Weert to give concerts. On all kinds of occasions he is a passionate storyteller about the many aspects of the carillon. (At Frank’s side: Madieke Marjon Schoots).
January 31, 2020. Sponsors & relations of Museum “Klok & Peel” (in Asten in the province of North-Brabant) witnessed a unique moment. The agreement was signed for the official transfer of Frank Steijns’ mobile carillon to the museum. Frank Steijns is 1st violinist in André Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra and carillonneur in the Limburg cities Maastricht and Weert. After having so many long and spacial journeys with the Strauss Orchestra, this special instrument becomes now part of the museum collection! “Thank you Frank Steijns for your enormous involvement with Museum Klok & Peel. We are proud of this wonderful asset and will look after 'your child' very well!” Click HERE to read the full article on the Harmony Parlor Blogspot. You can find more about the museum on Frank Steijns page 6 of this website.
March 2020. Worldwide there is a hugh problem with the COVID-19 virus (Corona), and André Rieu had to cancel the USA tour after 1 concert (out of 8) to return home. People of many countries, included the Netherlands, has been advised to stay at home to minimize the risk of contamination. Frank is spreading positive and encouraging sounds over the cities Maastricht and Weert and let's follow him: Always look at the bright side of life!!!! Thank you Frank!! Much appreciated!
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