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The grotto of the Open Air Theater in Valkenburg.
Laura, My Song Line On Thursday July 14th 2016, Laura Engel performed her new program in the ‘Openlucht theater’ in Valkenburg. Accompanied by the group ‘The Latin Breeze’, she sang about life, hardship and choices. The performance was held half in the small grotto of the theatre, which created an intimate atmosphere.
Musicians: Laura Engel (art direction, vocals) Rezar Dominguez (musical arrangements, guitar) Kyumin Chang (piano) Agata Posnik (cello) Lukas Dahle (percussion) Playlist: Preambulo (Joaquin Turina),      A woman's awakening. La rosa y el souce (Carlos Guastavino), What is dear to you can be taken away just like that. Le papillon et la fleur (Gabriel Faure) Love blinds! Alfonsina y el mar (Ariel Ramirez & Pablo Luna). Latin American folk music opens your eyes to harsh realities.   La Catedral (Augustin Barrios Mangore)         But do keep looking up. Chi il bel sogno di Doretta (Giacomo Pucinni)     Mature at times, but so many choices. Fuego fauto (Manuel de Falla)     So many will o’ the wisps, how to keep my path? Ik zou wel eens willen weten (Jules de Corte)     Questions, questions and other questions. Habanera (George Bizet)     Stay close to yourself; use your passion to chart your own course. Vissi d’arte (Giacomo Puccini)     Choices that drive you mad. Colors of the wind (Alan Menken & Stephan Schwartz)     Being unknown doesn’t make one irrelevant. Tangos Flamengos (Rezar Dominguez)     In the mean time, life rolls on. Chiquillín de Bachín (Astor Piazzola & Horacio Ferrer)     An open mind sees so much more! Volver (Carlos Gardel)     Liberation - get rid of what holds you back. El Vito (Fernando J. Obradors)     Enjoy life as it is. Besame mucho (Consuelo Velasques) Embrace love, even if you know it may hurt.
On Thursday July 14 2016, Laura Engel will bring a solo performance titled:  "Laura, a life in song" in the Open Air Theatre of Valkenburg! It will be a show with songs from Latin to Classical and everything in between. The band 'The Latin Breeze' will accompany her in this new adventure!!! Click on the picture for more information and tickets.
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André Rieu and Laura Engel, performing “Bésame Mucho” live in Maastricht. From the DVD “Love in Venice, available at the webshop of André Rieu’s website.
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