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July 23rd 2020. Donij van Doorn and Fabian Egli present: “The Lady and the Tramp” a new corona proof performance in the “New Normal Theater” in the Dutch city of Leusden. On Fri. August 21, 2020 from 7 - 8 pm or 9 -10 pm and on Sat. August 22, 2020, from 7 - 8 pm or 9 - 10 pm.
Donij on Facebook: The word is out! Fabian Egli and I created a performance together: The Lady and the Tramp! We can be seen on 21 and 22 August in Het Nieuwe Normaal (The New Normal) theater, a brand- new initiative specially designed and built to enjoy theater safely, yet in an attractive setting. More details will follow soon! You can mail us: info@ikbenaanwezig.nl or you can find us on Facebook Messenger.
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Two big names from the world of opera and musical will soon be performing in the Nieuwe Normal Theater on the grounds of the Leusderend estate on the Dodeweg. These are Donij van Doorn (soprano from André Rieu's company) and opera and musical singer Fabian Egli. From the Leusder Newspaper, August 6, 2020, by Daan Bleuel Both have been seen in Leusden before. The pair shone in the open-air operas of the "Opera Leusden" foundation, which has organized ambitious productions in recent years on the grounds around Stoutenburg Castle and the Leusderend estate, the Netherlands. RIGHT DECISION This year too, there were plans to get an open air opera off the ground again. "In the spring, in view of the corona developments, we decided not to perform an opera in 2020", said Ton Weevers chairman of the Opera Leusden foundation to his sponsors. "In retrospect this was the only right decision, but we think it is a shame that we cannot continue the tradition," he added. The performance by Donij van Doorn and Fabian Egli, which has been programmed four times in total for 21 and 22 August, has a Leusden historical account. Weevers: "May 15 last year we organized an opera dinner for the sponsors. Donij van Doorn and Fabian Egli performed here, accompanied by Jeroen Sarphati on the grand piano." TRY-OUT The program which is now being performed in the New Normal Theater (The Lady and the tramp) is comparable to the try-out during the opera dinner. It has now only grown into a full theatrical performance. The New Normal Theater is an initiative of former Leusden citizen Eddy Houtveen. He also supplied the tents for the open-air operas. He developed a concept in which pagoda tents were arranged and linked together in such a way that a “corona-proof” theater was created with (maximum) 94 seats in separate boxes and separate entrances for the attendees. PROFESSIONAL "It looks very professional as a theater pavilion," says Weevers admiringly. "For clarity; it is not a production of the Opera Leusden Organization and responsibility for the performance lays entirely in the hands of the New Normal Theater. But we wholeheartedly recommend the performance!," Weevers adds. "Especially since two main characters of the past operas perform here." The performance is about a great "lady" who performs in large theaters. The "tramp" is her biggest fan and sits madly in love with her on the front row when she performs. A repertoire of arias from well-known operas and operettas and songs by well-known “crooners” such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Charles Aznavour will then be presented, accompanied by Jeroen Sarphati on the grand piano. TICKETS Tickets for the performances on 21 and 22 August (at 7 pm and at 9 pm) can be ordered via the site of the theater www.hetnieuwenormaaltheater.nl .
Donij on Facebook: August 2020. “In this video (only in Dutch) I take you on a little trip behind the scenes of “Het Nieuwe Normaal theater,” where I will be performing with Fabian Egli (baritone) and Jeroen Sarphati (pianist). This unique theater is designed especially for the current Covid-19 situation for approx. 90 people. A safe evening out in a cozy setting. Join our show 'The Lady and the Tramp' next Friday and Saturday, August 21 and 22! “ Video editor: B. van Doorn.
"When the Lady (soprano Donij van Doorn, renowned soloist with André Rieu) makes her appearance at the local theater, the Tramp (Fabian Egli, opera and musical singer) sits in the front row, smitten by admiration. Great arias from opera and operetta meet crooner's songs by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Charles Aznavour. Witness the encounter of those seeming opposites. Pianist Jeroen Sarphati will not only accompany the story but has a vital part in it as well. Will they find each other in the end?
On August 21st 2020, Ruud and Ineke had a completely new experience: a concert in a special corona proof theater: a couple of tents with seats separated by plastic sheets and the next row at 1,5 m. distance. The performance took place in the center part, which was surrounded by four “halls”. We could enjoy a lovely concert of the Lady (Donij) and the Tramp (Fabian) and the pianist (Jeroen) also played a funny role. The audience consisted of friends, family, a group of opera lovers and familiar faces from the Johann Strauss Orchestra.
After the concert there were opportunities to meet Donij and Fabian in the open air, have drinks and snacks. The opera people were eager to chat with each other about the performance, and with so many enthusiastic people together, they often forgot the distance… Of course! We long for the “old Normal”…..
Video by Bram Taverniers.
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