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January 1st, 2021. Happy New Year from André Rieu and his wife Marjorie.
January 10, 2021. André’s Press Page.
January 17, 2120. In November 2020 André gave an interview to the Arabic international TV Channel Al Jazeera. Interviewer: Step Vaessen. Steve and Judy Webb found the video for us. Click on the picture.
January 12, 2021. Blaaskracht L1, radio interview. Interviewer: Emil Szarkowics. Duration of the interview: 2 hours. Click on the picture.
January 21, 2021. Thanks Maestro! We love “Bossche Bollen!”
January 7, 2020 On Frank’s page 8: Interview by Arnold Smit for “Fretting Friday”. Click on the picture.
January 19, 2021 In the Fretting Friday Interview with Frank Steijns, they spoke about Rijsemus luthiers. The Limburger posted a nice article about father and son Rijsemus. Click on the picture. We also added it to Frank Steijns, page 8.
January 2021. Chinese YouTube video from 2017. Posted on YouTube in 2020 by the host: JoJo Zou. Found for us by Alice Leung. Click on the picture.
February 3rd 2021 From Dutch TV, MAX, NPO 1, The Dutch Bake Off. Presenter: André Van Duin. Guest baker: André Rieu. Click on the picture to see what André is baking.
February 25, 2021. Dennis Walter interviews André Rieu. This is a radio interview for the Australian program 3AW Nights. André’s cinema movie “Magical Maastricht” will be released soon in the Australian cinemas. Click on the picture to hear the radio interview.
March 23, 2021 Interview for L1mburg Centraal, with Jo Cortenraedt. Click on the picture.
April 7, 2021. Interview in Envida Magazine (care association) “Gezond Thuis” (Healthy at Home). About Health and Energy. Click on the picture to go to the Harmony Parlor blogspot.
April 2021 Pierre Rieu about his dream of opening a war museum. Click on the picture.
April 11, 2021 L1 followed the fans Julia (UK) and Kathy (New Zealand) who found love due to their travels to André Rieu concerts all across the world. Click on the picture.
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