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March 24, 2016. On Thursday July 14, Laura Engel will start her first solo tour titled: "Laura, a life in song" in the Open Air Theatre of Valkenburg! It will be a show with songs from Latin to Classical and everything in between. The band 'The Latin Breeze' will accompany her in this new adventure!!! For tickets and information click HERE. Andre Rieu added a 7th concert on the Vrijthof in Maastricht on Thursday July 14. Fans who are interested and don’t attend this concert, may take the train to Valkenburg to see Laura. To see what the open air theater in Valkenburg looks like, click HERE  for Carla Maffioletti’s concert in 2014.
On April 13 2016, Ruud and Ineke attended the “Ode to the Spring” show in the City Theatre of Zoetermeer. It was an enjoyable evening with a big variety of songs and musical pieces like: pop songs, musical-, operetta-, classical-, and film music, sang in Dutch, German, French, English, Italian. Below a video impression.
February 15th 2016: New tour for Laura Engel! New Laura Engel tour: “Ode to the Spring”  through the Netherlands in March, April and May 2016. Together with Anne-Mieke Ruyten and the well known Dutch tenor Ernst-Daniël Smid! Click on the picture for more information and tickets.  http://www.lauraengelmusic.com/agenda
October 23, 2015. In the honor of 150 years Church Choir St. Joseph, in the Limburg town of Bocholtz, Merx Music Productions organized the Grande Belcanto Concert with Béla Mavrak and Laura Engel. The video includes interviews with Béla In German) and with Laura (in Dutch). English subtitles added. Click on the picture.
Night of the Proms. On September 25th 2015,  Laura Engel, Mirusia Louwerse, Roger and Romano Diederen performed with Brass Band St. Caecilia from Schinnen (Limburg). Click on the picture to read a review by Jacqui Schultz (SA/UK) and watch a videoclip by Paul Dreuning (NL).
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