In Memoriam (2) 2017, 2018.
February 14, 2017. In Memoriam: Elke Bliefering, web host of the German André Rieu Fan website “Rieutreff”, since 2005. Today we received a message that Elke Bliefering, host of the German Fan Web site “Rieutreff”, has passed away. She had suffered heart failure during the night and was taken to a hospital on December 23rd 2016 and placed into an induced coma from which she never awoke. May she rest in peace. Wir sind sehr traurig über die Nachricht vom Tode Elke Blieferings und sprechen der ganzen Familie unser aufrichtiges Beileid aus.
April 21, 2017. In Memoriam: Charlie Leung (89). Facebook message by Alice Leung. “My family is deeply saddened to inform you that my handsome good old Charlie passed away in his sleep yesterday, April 20 2017.  As some of you know, dad has been sick since 2012 but the tough guy managed to stand up again everytime after checking into emergency. He still ate a lot at buffet with his gall bladder removed, he climbed onto a chair last October trying to fix the curtain just before he reached the age of 89, fell, laid flat on his back but superdad wasn't hurt.... For the past week, however, his condition with duct cancer had deteriorated sharply, but we are thankful that his passing was peaceful and painless, and I was right there with him. I know many of my relatives and friends love my dad a lot, but when seeing my dad couldn't eat the food he liked, couldn't swallow his favorite milk tea properly, I think it's the best for him to say goodbye before he suffered more. So long, Farewell, Adieu! We love you, dad!!!”
Charlie was a great André Rieu fan and he helped his daughter Alice make flags at their home in Vancouver, Canada. We continue to decorate the fan dinner ship in Maastricht with these flags. So thank you Charlie, we’ll think of you every year in July and you’ll never be forgotten by the André fans. Our deepest condolences go to Alice, her Mum, Simon, Wendy and all of the family.
June 18, 2017. In Memoriam: Sigrid Münstermann (74). Today we received a message from Sigrid’s son in law stating that Sigrid passed away this weekend after a short but severe illness. Sigrid attended André Rieu’s concerts in Maastricht often, which she enjoyed to the utmost. She lived in Aachen, just across the border in Germany and from what I understand is that she devoted her life with her heart and soul to care for her disabled grandson. May she rest in peace. The photo is from 2014.
June 28th 2017. In Memoriam: Muriël Martin, 73 (UK). Today we received the shocking message that Muriël Martin suddenly passed away. Yesterday she posted her last message on Facebook. We knew that she had not been well lately but did not realize she was so bad. Our thoughts and condolences go out to her husband Colin and the family. We met Colin and Muriël in Maastricht in 2013 and 2015. May she rest in peace.
July 15th 2017. In Memoriam: Annette de Waal, South Africa. From Facebook: Gary de Waal (her son): My Dear Ma.... After a long battle your journey has come to its end. You have reached your destination and now the Angels have one more to add to their choir, your voice will once again bring joy! Now it is time to rest and be at peace... We will all miss you sorely, however the memories and joy you've given us will live forever... Jennifer Anne Fourie (SA) (her best friend): For 6 months you put up a brave struggle after facing one stroke after another my dearest friend. Finally you are at peace and in a place where there is no more pain or suffering. This is how I will always remember you - a happy, smiling Annette. Rest now. You are safe in His arms.
Annette was an enthusiastic André Rieu fan. Our sincere condolences go out to the family.
Chris Fowler wrote a lovely tribute on Facebook:   Our Good Friend and Fan Muriel Martin 1944 - 2017. Today, Monday 24th July, I undertook a journey of around 40 miles, from my home to Plymouth. For today at 10.00 am it was the funeral of our dear friend and Harmony Parlor member Muriel Martin. I attended as not only a dear friend, but representing all of us on the Harmony Parlor. As many of you will know, we lost her recently, and very suddenly. A number of us had been chatting to her the day before she died. It was a great shock to those of us that knew her and of course to her family. She was 73 years old. Muriel, Colin, Pat Thomas and myself used to meet for coffee in Exeter, and we had been trying to find a time when we could meet again, but sadly, that can’t happen now. Muriel was born in a village, which has grown into a large town, not many miles from where we were today. She was what we in Devon call a Devon Maid. Muriel had various jobs in her lifetime, as well as being a loving mother and gran. Her last job was a school dinner lady, where she was very popular will the children. Those children are now adults and still remember her with great affection. Muriel’s first love was, of course Colin, her husband, who she had known from primary school; and Darren, their son; Shelley, their daughter; and their grand-children. Sadly, Darren passed away well before his time, something that weighed very heavily on all the family.
As the priest said, Muriel’s other love was André Rieu and his music. We entered the chapel to the sound of André, and when we came to the time to reflect on Muriel’s life, we did so accompanied by The Second Waltz. Muriel had so many “André” friends. We will miss her and her contributions to the groups she belonged to and her private chats. Colin has asked to thank everyone for all the love and kindness shown to him, Shelley and their family. They were overwhelmed by the lovely messages and cards they received.
Martine Calvinhac (France): How can I say goodbye to my dear Annette? My Julie Andrews, full of laughs, always ready for a song. I remember our meeting in Wilro. Your warm welcome. Our trip in Pilanesberg... our arrival at the lodge. You were wearing a hat and holding your guitar..... the song in the night close to the braai.... of course The Sound of Music... I know how your life was a long and difficult one and a hard way since many years. You will be missed by many people... your students, your friends. My heart is broken for Liam your little poor boy, Gary your son, his wife, their boys and for your heart family Jenni and Jac. Rest in peace my sweet Annette. Love you forever and ever. Martine.  
February 6, 2018. In Memoriam Julia Smith, 57 (UK). Regretfully we received a message advising us that Julia Smith passed away on February 6th 2018. In October 2017 Julia visited her family in Canada, where she experienced a severe asthma attack. Her heart had stopped and blood clots went into her brain. While in a coma she was flown back to Scotland in November and at first she made some progress. We had hoped it would continue well into 2018. We are so sorry to hear that she has now passed away. Julia was an enthusiastic André Rieu fan and together with her best friend and soulmate Paul Atyeo they attended Maastricht concerts for five years in a row. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Paul and the family. Rest in Peace, Julia Smith.
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