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Frank Steijns Violin and Bells (page 4)
August 2016: Article from the Limburg paper of July 13, 2016. Photo by Sue Berry. Frank Steijns: the best of two worlds. Click HERE to read the article in the Harmony Parlor. In the article you are able to read the sentence: ”Last week with a tenor and a mezzo soprano, Frank strewed about the city of Weert the music of “West Side Story”. The video below gives you an impression of how it sounded: bells, with a tenor and mezzo soprano in a concert from the church tower.
July 2016. Frank on Facebook: Party time! 25 years ago I graduated as a carillonneur, so I'm celebrating my silver jubilee this Summer with a lot of golden sounds from bronze bells. Festivals in Denmark, UK, Belgium, Holland, and then off to Buenos Aires for the last Rieu concert with mobile carillon. Oh..... and André just congratulated me on my silver jubilee as a member of his orchestra. Officially appointed 22 years but our first concert together was 25 years ago. Time flies when you are having fun!
June 30, 2016: The carillon festival of the city of Weert: Voices and bells. (Weerter Beiaard Festival, Limburg, NL). Frank Steijns bells, Madieke Marjon (mezzo soprano), Eric Reddet (tenor) and Abigail Richards (piano). These great musicians can even sing and play a complete opera concert high up in the church tower, for the entire city to hear.
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Abigail Richards
Madieke Marjon
Eric Reddet
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