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March 29, 2017 From the town of Doetinchem, Laura Engel announces her new concert “En-canto”, in between André Rieu’s concert series, on Wednesday July 12th 2017 in the theater La Bonbonnière, Maastricht. Laura’s website: www.lauraengelmusic.com.
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April 21st 2017. Tickets ( € 23,50) are now available at the theatre on the Vrijthof, click HERE.  If you have problems booking online tickets, you may mail the theater at uitbalie@maastricht.nl Wednesday, July 12th 2017, at 8 PM, theater La Bonbonnière.
Address of the theater: Achter de Comedie 1, Maastricht. It is near the OLV plein (Our dear Lady square). There is a brasserie (photo to the left) and a romantic small theater (photo below).
Laura on Facebook: Meet my new band, the guys who will make EN-CANTO a reality! André Wijers - guitar, Michiel Pelgrom - bass, Remco Wijnands - piano, Benno Spieker - percussion,  Theo Janssen - keyboard.
May 6, 2017. Laura likes to know your favorite song! Maybe she’ll add it to her program. Leave your vote on the poll, within the next three weeks, click HERE.
July 12th 2017. En-Canto concert. In theater La Bonbonniere, Maastricht. Laura Engel, Roger Diederen and the En-Canto band.
VIP dinner in the white room of the Bonbonniere theater.
July 2017: Laura Engel presents the live satellite streaming in the cinemas for André Rieu in the Spanish language.
In 2018, Laura Engel performed three concerts with Christina Petrou, soprano, and Bob Heuvelmans harp. Click HERE to read a report of the “Divas in concert”.
September 16, 2018. Laura Engel is currently on tour with André Rieu in the USA and Canada. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram. Laura and her partner Pascal Mestrom are very happy!!! The arrival of their baby boy is expected at the end of January 2019.  Congratulations Laura and Pascal!!
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