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A plaque for André and the JSO 100th concert on the Vrijthof Square.
On Sunday July 21, 2019, the 15th in the series of concerts and the100th concert on the Vrijthof Square took place. The Mayor of Maastricht, Mrs. Annemarie Penn-te Strake, who is an André fan herself, interrupted the concert to hand out an award from the city Maastricht to their most famous resident. Because he already has received all the distinctions of the city, they created a bronze plaque which will be placed into the pavement of the Vrijthof Square forever and ever, exactly on the same place where the stage is erected every year.
André was touched and took Frank’s handkerchief to dry his tears!
On the plaque is a line in Limburg dialect, taken from the Maastricht anthem: “Our eyes shine with your glory”.
André was very happy with this token of appreciation by the city of Maastricht.
For an article in the Limburg paper, go to the Harmony Parlor website, click HERE.
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