Australia Tour 2018 Sydney Town Hall concert.
November/December 2018. André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra leave Maastricht to travel to Australia. In the meantime Mirusia is joining a BRAVO Cruise of Performing Arts. Carmen Monarcha also traveled to Australia! Carmen will be Mirusia’s special guest on her solo tour in Australia, from 13 - 16 December 2018!
The excited Australian and New Zealand fans treated us with live reports and photos on Facebook! The first concerts took place in the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.
André live on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show, both on Radio and the studio cam.
Mirusia made a surprise appearance in Melbourne. She was in Noumea on the entertainment cruise in the morning and suddenly appeared on stage in Melbourne that night. She sang: “I am Australian”. On the pictures: fans from Australia, New Zealand, UK and even Holland!!
Next venue: Sydney, with the special Christmas/New Year’s recordings in the Town Hall, for the worldwide cinema broadcast. Photo from Facebook, by Vincenzo Viola: arrival at the Sydney Bay.
Photo below from Facebook, by Bela Mavrak. Sydney harbour.
Fun with the “big family”. (below left: the Gracenotes). Photo-credits: Marcel van Hoorn.
Sydney, November 20, 2018: THE Christmas concert for the world wide cinema broadcast, in the 19th century Town Hall building, built in Victorian Style and listed on the State Heritage Register. Nice purple Jacaranda trees in front!
Photos and report by Jennifer Harrison (from New Zealand) on Harmony Parlor Facebook: André showed tonight what a true professional he truly is. He learned at half time that some cameras were faulty and most of the first half hadn't been filmed!! Imagine how stressful that would have been as he only had THIS opportunity to film for the cinemas and DVD. Although he must have felt frustrated, he never showed it but calmly told the audience that most of the first half would need to be filmed again and that's what happened! We were treated to four hours of concert and we loved it!!! Well done André...  I felt so sorry for you tonight, but also proud of how you handled a crisis!!
Facebook: Edwina Morgan: Fantastic night at Sydney Town Hall!! Lots of things went wrong in the filming but André was amazing!!! The concert ended up going for four hours due to having to redo some pieces, but boy what an atmosphere!!! Elly Fleming: I believe that last night we saw a side of André we haven't usually seen. Apart from being the total Professional that he is and the way he repeated the bits as required, I felt there was a certain humbleness about the way he said a very heartfelt 'I love you' as he thanked us for our understanding two or three times. Trish Frei: I agree. You could see the agony on his face when things didn’t turn out as they should. He was so amazed we stayed for so long - and why wouldn’t we! It was still a fab show! I also thought the orchestra, tired as they were, didn’t show their feelings and also carried on professionally, still enjoying the moment.
Photos taken by several fans, JSO-members and André’s photographer Marcel van Hoorn. We loved to see Mirusia’s daughter Sascha and Vera Kool’s (harpist) son Daniël.
Last Australian concert in Perth. Photos of an amazing group of fans, down under.
Facebook Nov. 24, 2018: by Wilma Brown. What an amazing week we have had! Three very special concerts, the last one here in Perth. We have been to Melbourne and Sydney and met up with many special friends from all over the world, all thanks to André and his music. Thank you for the music and the friendships made!!!
Mirusia on Facebook: Many thanks to my dear friend and mentor André Rieu, for having me as a special surprise guest at his concerts in Australia. What a delight! Looking forward to the next time. (Photo: Frank Steijns).
Facebook by Edwina Morgan: Just like to thank Andre Rieu & the JSO for coming down under! The concerts were fantastic!! Thank you so much to all of the members of the JSO who gave their precious time to talk and take photos with them and to the Sopranos & Tenors for the time they spent for a quick chat or photo!! You guys rock!!! Please come back soon and safe travels home.
Below you may watch a wonderful photo/video show about two concerts in Sydney, created by Jennifer Harrison (from New Zealand). Thank you Jennifer!
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