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Important message for the fans about FAKE RIEUS. Currently a few fake Rieus are misleading the fans on Facebook, click HERE. Be sure that the real André Rieu never writes messages to fans on Facebook or via PM. He’ll never ask for money or whatever. He has no adopted son, he does not announce concerts or Meet and Greets on Facebook. The right information can be found on his official website: www.andrerieu.com. So please report and block these fake persons.
Maastricht 2018 videos on our website
Our media appearance, click here The L1mbourgeois/L1 programs, click here The concert, click here Recording of the German introductions (aka the ‘Dress Rehearsal’), click here The Fan Dinner, click here Ode to ARP, click here Marc Rieu’s exhibition, click here Tiroler ohne Bergen, click here Concert of the Gracenotes, click here. Meet and Greet(s) at ‘Jouw Marktkraam’, click here. Three fan picnics, click here. André in cinemas. click here. Our own story, click here. Divas in concert, click here.
The party is over! We had a fantastic time with the music and the friends from all across the world. Thank you André Rieu, Johann Strauss orchestra and crew for 13 great concerts. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday now. Prediction for next year by Pierre: probably 12 Maastricht concerts. Next tour: USA, September 15.
André Rieu claims the biggest music concert cinema event of all time! From the UK and Ireland: The King of Waltz has made event cinema history! Piece of Magic Entertainment’s André Rieu’s 2018 Maastricht Concert “Amore” in cinemas took more than £1.66 million in the UK and Ireland, becoming the biggest music concert event in cinema of all time (source: comScore). To read more: click HERE. From Australia: André Rieu storms into Aussi box office alongside Mamma Mia and Whitney. To read more: click HERE.
August 21, 2018: Eric Reddet leaves the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Eric Reddet joined the Platin Tenors in May 2015 to replace Thomas Greuel. On August 21st 2018 he announced on Facebook: “Except the few who know already, I gave up my job with André, and am back freelance!” That is quite a decision and the fans were shocked. We understand that Eric likes to work on his own projects and we wish him a lot of success.
August 30, 2018: André Rieu surpasses $ 550 million in touring grosses, has played to nearly 6 million fans. With his latest totals reported, Rieu extends his record as the highest grossing classical artist in Billboard's Boxscore history. The only artist to eclipse Rieu on the latest Hot Tours tally is Ed Sheeran, at No. 1.
August 31st, 2018 Carillion is like good Cognac: Nice, but the youth does not warm up to it. Article from the Limburg Paper about the Festival “Resounding Legacy Maastricht” to make the bell music hip again. Click on the picture.
August 31, 2018. German talkshow “3 after 9” NDR, studio Bremen. Hilarious talkshow with flying white socks. Click on the picture.
September 6, 2018. German talkshow MDR at 4. Anja Koebel interviews André Rieu Click on the picture.
September 6, 2018. German show Riverboat, Questions and Answers. Live on Facebook, MDR at 4. Click on the picture.
September 10, 2018. To promote the coming USA/Canada tour André featured in the Betty Show on cable TV channel CST, USA. Interviewer: Betty Snowden. Click on the picture.
September 15, 2018. The first concert of the USA/Canada tour was the start of the New Platin Tenor: Serge Bosch from Belgium. He is a familiar face: he already joined André Rieu and the JSO in the male choir before. Welcome Serge!
September 16, 2018. Laura Engel is currently on tour with André Rieu in the USA and Canada. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram.  Laura and her partner Pascal Mestrom are very happy!!! The arrival of their baby boy is expected at the end of January 2019.  Congratulations Laura and Pascal!!
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